THE LADY’S NOT FOR BURNING by Christopher FryLady's Not For Burning
Directed by Altaire Gural
(LLT’s EODL Full Length Festival entry for 2018)

A romantic comedy in three acts. It is set in the Middle Ages (“1400, either more or less exactly”). It reflects the world’s “exhaustion and despair” with a war-weary soldier who wants to die, and an accused witch who wants to live. In form, it resembles Shakespeare’s pastoral comedies.

Audition Dates: Monday July 3rd from 7pm to 9pm & Wednesday July 5th from 7pm to 9pm

Location: Lindsay Little Theatre, 55 George St W, Lindsay, ON

Please come prepared with a monologue of any type under two minutes. There will be some cold reading too, BUT DON’T BE NERVOUS … EVERYBODY SUCKS AT COLD READING :p

The play will be workshopped over the summer of 2017, with rehearsals officially beginning January of 2018 for a March performance.

Cast Breakdown

RICHARD, an orphaned clerk
Age range 17 to 23
A kind hearted, flustered young man who falls in love with Alizon

THOMAS MENDIP, a discharged soldier. The hero of the play.
Age range 30 to 50
A man who has seen enough of the world to know he wants no part of it. A warrior poet with comic, sarcastic timing. He falls in love with Jennet.

ALIZON ELIOT, a lovely young girl
Age range 17 to 23
Newly released from a convent, and about to marry Humphrey. She is naive, soft hearted, and falls in love with Richard.

Age range 25 to 45
A self centred, small minded man who, along with his brother Humphrey, provide the Laurel and Hardy relationship to the play.

MARGARET DEVIZE, mother of Nicholas
Age range 50 and up
A tittering, oblivious, wealthy woman who has a hard time keeping a handle on her sons.

HUMPHREY DEVIZE, brother of Nicholas
Age range 25 to 45
Affianced to Alizon. Like his brother in personality and comic timing.

Age range 50 and up
A blustering, buffoon of a man who is as small minded as they come. A bureaucrat through and through.

Age range 30 to 50.
The heroine of the play. A beautiful woman of means and property, who has a renaissance mind in a torches and pitchforks world. Accused of witchcraft. Falls in love with Thomas.

Age range 40 +
A kindly man of the cloth, a bit of a character

Age range 40 +
A man of legal mind (when torture was part of the system 😛 )

Age range 30+
The great drunken cameo of the play. This is our missing Rag And Bone man. The comic relief and reveal at the end. Key part. Must be great at portraying “sloshed” and funny 😛


THRILLER – Halloween themed variety show featuring music and skits.

Directed by Will Teatro.

Audition Dates:  Sunday July 9th at 2pm and Monday July 10th at 7pm.

Location: Lindsay Little Theatre, 55 George St W, Lindsay, ON

Ages 14 to adult so invite your parents to audition. Please come prepared with a song and suggestions for scenes.

Performances will be the last weekend of October, 2017.


Current and prospective LLT members are welcome to audition for any upcoming shows. We also welcome interest in all areas of backstage production (e.g. props, lighting, costumes, set design, stage management, marketing, producing, etc.).  All cast and crew are required to become members ($20/year).

For more information, contact: 705-880-2445,