My Heart’s a Suitcase

“I am beyond excited to share the experience with an amazing and hard working cast. If you have the ability to make it out to see the production, I truly believe you won’t regret it. The character development and acting from each individual has been astounding and we still have over a month to go. Please come out and see the talented Anwen O’Driscoll (from CBC’s Burden of Truth) Mackenzie Kruyf, Vasco Silva, Andre Canivet, Kat Katatonic and Nicole Waskul who play some of the most endearing, traumatized and hilarious character’s I have come across.

This play is near and dear to my heart as it grapples with mental illness, the over-saturation of news and media, the rampant materialistic needs of the 21st century, and the fact that every person has a heavy burden weighing on their shoulders. Although written and published in the late 80’s/90’s, Clare McIntyre hits on issues that are extremely relevant today. Her writing is fascinating, deep, and at times harsh – something that I find necessary when discussing these topics.

All of these issues are becoming more and more apparent in the lives of people I see every day, and I think the audience will find something or someone relatable within the production.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you and thank you to my talented production team/cast for making this dream a reality”

Director: Rebecca Anne Bloom


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Sam Tweedle, KawarthaNOW: “My Heart’s A Suitcase contains fine performances by a fantastic cast of actors, and has been created with passion by Rebecca Bloom and her company.” For more click here

Sara Walker, Kawartha Lights: “This is a show not to be missed. The cast transcends the scriptwriting and fills the theatre with performances that will take your breath away.” For more click here