Board of Directors

Shannon Peters Bain
Shannon Peters Bain - President
Dylan Robichaud
Dylan Robichaud - Secretary / Executive Producer
Kathryn Woolridge-Condon
Kathryn Woolridge-Condon - Director of Bingo and Lotteries
Rebecca Anne Bloom
Rebecca Anne Bloom - Director of Communications
Colette Marshall Schroter
Colette Marshall Schroter - Director at Large
Logan Geryzmisch
Logan Geryzmisch - Director at Large
Tarina Koty
Tarina Koty - Vice President
Rachel Kruyf
Rachel Kruyf - Treasurer
Chris Macaulay
Chris Macaulay - Director of Maintenance
Marion Bays
Marion Bays - Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship
Seamus McCann
Seamus McCann - Director at Large

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  • About Us

    We’re an inclusive and dynamic group, always happy to see new faces and individual’s passionate about theatre. If you’re interested in taking part or want to know more, please check out our social media or send us an email! We invite all community members to join in, hone their talents and learn all aspects of stagecraft. We hope to see you at our next performance!